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Should we say “Thank you” to our colleagues?

Feb 07, 2019 Lina Pads, Tools 0 comments


Looking back, I remember a lot of situations, in which the only feedback given to people at work was negative or was an advice. But sometimes a pat on the back can make you feel like you can fly.

How many times do you say “Тhank you” to your colleagues? How do you feel when someone tells you “Тhank you”?  So simple and so powerful. Appreciation and recognition boosts motivation and productivity and engages people even more with the mission and the vision of the company and the project they work for.

What about the team?

Appreciation between team members goes together with the great spirit and the high morale of the team. When co-workers respect each other and express gratitude towards each other, this results in better communication, trust and even better mood. Everyone is more willing to support his or her colleagues in such an atmosphere.  With the morale getting higher, engagement goes up, and then success is inevitable.

How to say “Thank you”?

There are different ways to say “Thank you”. Most often, we do it verbally. You can learn to say it regularly, whenever it fits to the situation. It can be said by anyone to anyone – manager to employee, employee to manager, peer to peer as recognition, etc.

A more interesting way of saying “Thank you” is in a written format, using special cards. The recipient can read it over and over again to feel the appreciation of his or her colleagues, and celebrate their own achievements.

In Agile teams, it can be very motivating and inspiring to finish a retrospective or a workshop with an Appreciation cycle – using the “Thank you” cards. In my experience, whenever we have used this small written appreciation exchange among the participants, it boosts their mood, self esteem and trust to each other. This creates an important ingredient for the foundation of a high-performing team and turns decisions into tangible actions taken with enthusiasm.

When do you plan to start creating appreciation culture in your team with written “Thank you”?

Order now your pad of 100 cards expressing appreciation and enjoy a healthy and productive team atmosphere!

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