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The Agile Box Story…

Feb 19, 2019 Zoe Tools 0 comments

Long, long time ago in a different galaxy…

The firts prototype of the Agile Box

The first prototype of the Agile Box

I was going to have my first workshop with my new team. I was going to facilitate it and it was a short notice – I was asked to step in just an hour before the meeting. I was in my office, hastily putting together materials, just to discover that I had run out of voting dots, and I only had 2 colors of stickies, and only a couple of markers… All I could do was to sigh desperately, stuff everything I could find in a bag and head to the meeting room…

The workshop turned out quite OK, the team was happy with the result. But as a facilitator, I couldn’t help feeling unprepared and uncomfortable with the resources I had at hand. This is when The Agile Box v1.0 came into being.

I just collected my stuff in a box and had my first facilitator set ready to accommodate urgent (and not so urgent) needs.

The Agile Box v2.0

The second version of the Agile Box

Agile Box V2.0

This approach worked relatively well while I was working in an office. I would take the box with me and carry it around with my laptop placed on the lid. I would struggle a bit with the messiness inside – it was still hard to organize and replenish materials.

And then I started working as a freelance Agile coach, running from workshop to workshop at my customers’ offices. V1.0 was not a good solution anymore. It was too bulky and too unorganized. It was time to iterate.

We created The Agile Box v2.0 – a beautiful wooden suitcase, embracing our vision for an eco-friendly carry-around box. It didn’t survive for a long time though – too heavy and not too comfortable to take with you.

The Agile Box ++

By this point, we were confident that we needed a solution. Even more important – we were talking to other fellow facilitators and we realized they had similar needs too. So, we were on a mission to create a product that will solve our problem and help other people too.

I can’t count the iterations we did. We did design workshops, created prototypes that we tested on our own and with other facilitators, worked with professional designers…

The Agile backpack open with content

The Agile Box Backpack

The biggest insight we got that helped us arrive at The Agile Box as it is today – it doesn’t have to be a real box at all! It needs to serve the purpose of people like us who are constantly on the move, and want to pack up and leave quickly, organizing their support materials in a convenient way to travel and then unpack fast when they need to do the work.

So, The Agile Box today is actually a backpack. It is what I carry with me all the time. In workshops, training sessions, and even informal meetings – I have everything I need to run a discussion or a group decision-making process. It has a lot of comfortable pockets where I organize my materials neatly. I have a good overview of what is available and quick access to whatever I need to take out. It accommodates my laptop and even has some free space for additional essentials, like my external phone battery, umbrella, and reusable bottle of water.


If you have the same challenges as a facilitator, you might want to give The Agile Box a try. And we would love to hear how you address your needs today!


The Agile Box Backpack

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The all-in-one solution for any Agile team facilitator. Put all your material in order, take it with you anywhere, be ready to facilitate in no time and find time & inspiration for creativity.

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