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About Us

At Leanify we are a team of agile practitioners, mentors, and certified professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. We all have a background in managing projects and people, including multinational teams involved in complex projects. We are trained coaches and seasoned facilitators who apply agile gamification approach to the training and workshops that we design.

We believe in the benefits of agile project management, and we have success stories to share, along with the best practices and knowledge obtained in more than 10 years of actively applying agile methodologies.

We have been working with different teams for years, running workshops and facilitating various events. And all this time, we struggled to keep all those facilitators’ necessities organized and easily portable, so that we can be always fast and prepared to act.

This is what inspired the creation of The Agile Box – our all-in-one solution to the needs of Agile facilitators.