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How to inspire the team with a fun and useful retrospective?

Retrospectives should be one of the most important events for Agile teams. Yet, very often they turn into routine and boring meetings, endless discussions with no clear outcome, or are even skipped. We’ve been struggling with this a lot ourselves, and we have come up with some ideas that – in case you are in […]

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Mar 08, 2019 Lina 0 comments
To take or not to take [an action item]?

Taking decisions The last time I joined a meeting as an observer to provide external feedback, I noticed a very typical situation. No one took seriously the decisions taken at the previous meeting. At the end of the current one a lot of new decisions were agreed upon, and most probably were going to be forgotten till the next […]

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Feb 07, 2019 Lina 0 comments
Should we say “Thank you” to our colleagues?

Motivation Looking back, I remember a lot of situations, in which the only feedback given to people at work was negative or was an advice. But sometimes a pat on the back can make you feel like you can fly. How many times do you say “Тhank you” to your colleagues? How do you feel […]

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