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Planning Poker: The Application

Are you digital first?

Playing Planning Poker with paper poker cards definitely adds a special flavor to the estimation exercise, because it allows people (especially sensing types) to experience it as a (somewhat) real poker game. Let’s admit it – it could be a real fun to just slap the card on the table and kick off the discussion.

Paper has its drawbacks though. And some people (like myself) just prefer to go digital – it’s convenient and you can have your card deck in your pocket. Literally.

We respect the preferences of digital-focused people, and have provided the Planning Poker application as an alternative to the physical Planning Poker. And it is completely FREE!

It is still a lot of fun

The Planning poker application is a fun way to increase the common understanding of the Agile project requirements by the entire team. By playing poker with the estimations, team members will be able to:

  • Validate their understanding of what is being requested by the Product Owner or Product Manager
  • Enhance other people’s knowledge on the topic by explaining their arguments
  • Learn new perspectives by listening to other people’s arguments

You have the flexibility to choose how you want to plan – in points or in T-shirt sizes. In addition, the application provides some tips and best practices that will help you get even more productive when planning.

We have received lots of positive feedback from our current users, and some great suggestions for improvement to add to our backlog.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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