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10 pads of Magnetic Notes + FREE GIFT Feedback Cards10 pads of Magnetic Notes + FREE GIFT Feedback Cards

Magnetic Notes: A Set of 5 M & 5 L Sized Pads


A set of Magnetic Notes ™ – 5 pads M size (100×70 mm) and 5 pads L size (200×100 mm) complemented with a Thank you pad. Each pad contains 100 sheets.

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Magnetic Notes™ are an easy and creative way to write any notes and ideas.You can “stick” them on almost any dry surface, such as glass, metal, wood, bricks, etc. They don’t have glue and are not even made of paper. Magnetic notes™ are based on a unique technology, using stable static charge to cling, and are 100% recyclable. One side of the note is erasable and you can reuse it several times.

The colors in the sets may vary based on availability.



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